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Client Testimonials

pet sitter

"I want to thank you Jamie for taking care of my baby cat. You did an amazing job, you took care very well of her, the house and my flowers. I definitely will be calling you again the next time we take a vacation."
by Ale M.

"Jamie and Matt give such excellent care to our babies, they spend time with them and give them love and attention so they feel better when Mom and Dad are out of town"
by Robin B.

Pet sitter
dog walker

"I have had Bosco's Pet Care Service for about a year now where they come and visit the house during the mid day.  They have a wide range of experience with my pet needs - from twin puppies I fostered at 3 months to a Epileptic and Diabetic 10 year old senior. 
She, Jamie, does the full range and has no hesitation in administering shots or meds or multi-tasking with several dogs at once!  She and her brother truly enjoy their work and I never have to fear about the care of my furry family members!  They provide a brief note at the house when they've stopped by PLUS text you on your phone so you know before getting home that everything is fine!!!! 
I would highly recommend them to anyone who would like a little TLC to be administered to their pets."
By Gail G.

"We cannot thank you enough for all you are nothing short of amazing. And you even left the outside lights on for us last time , you take care of our fur babies (4 siamese )
and our home... Wow.. You are part of the family now !!!!"
By Anna C.

pet sitter
pet sitting

"Highly recommend Bosco's Pet Care Service! They took care of our two dogs "kids" while we were away on vacation for 9 days. Everyday we received a text and or pictures of the kids. When we returned home, everything was organized with a daily check off sheet for each day we were gone. What really sealed the deal, was when Jamie stopped by the house, after our return and the kids greeted her with kisses. Normally they would just bark. I knew then the kids loved her and was very comfortable with her. Thank you Bosco Pet Care!!"
By Jane G.

"Jamie and Matt provided excellent, timely and professional service with daily updates. I was quite happy, as was Milo."
by Dana P.

pet sitter
dog walker

"I have senior dogs with health issues. Prior to Jamie and Matt caring for my dogs, I worried about their care and if they received their medications from

the former pet sitter. 
It gives me peace of mind that Jamie and Matt now care for my dogs. Jamie is a veterinary technician and it is evident that she truly loves animals and has professional knowledge. That is a wonderful asset! She's even alerted me to potential health problems in the past with my dogs.
I highly recommend Bosco's Pet Care Services to anyone who truly loves their pets and wants exceptional care for their furry kids!"
by Jolene H.

"Jamie is wonderful with our pets. She is dependable and we can't imagine not having her to take care of our animals while we're working every day.
Our fur babies adore her and I would recommend

her to anyone."
By Christy S.

dog walker
pet sitting
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